Representative Work in Sexual Harassment Law

Ziegler, Ziegler & Associates LLP represents women who have been sexually harassed by high-ranking executives in a variety of industries, including the auto, banking, and retail industries. Clients have included professionals who have transferred to the United States from other countries and employees of foreign companies operating in the United States. Other successes include:

  • Represented a high-ranking executive at a Fortune 500 company on a claim related to systemic employment discrimination based upon sex. Our efforts resulted in the company fully transforming the manner in which it addresses complaints of employment discrimination as well as a large settlement for our client.
  • Pursued claims of sexual harassment against a high-ranking executive at a major bank, negotiating a significant settlement for our client. Our efforts resulted in the bank redesigning the methods by which it evaluates executives for purposes of potential promotion.
  • Pursued claims of long-term sexual harassment against a top executive at a major foreign corporation, negotiating a significant settlement for our client. Our efforts led to the company overhauling their entire corporate staff in the United States.
  • Negotiated a significant settlement for an employee against a prominent retail clothing company on a claim for sexual harassment.

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